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Mike Barclay, GM/Head of Europe, MoEngageMike Barclay, GM/Head of Europe
With organizations struggling to keep their business moving during the pandemic and customers operating on a different level in terms of buying decisions, the need for personalization in marketing strategies is more critical now than ever before. On the one hand, we have an increasing number of shoppers unsubscribing from mass-blasted email campaigns and choosing personable web pages over generic ones. A recent study even revealed that over 72 percent of shoppers are engaging with personalized marketing despite the widespread concerns about consumer privacy. On the other hand, we have marketers looking out for ways to customize customer communications and experiences based on their preferences, interests, and behavior—which is a task easier said than done

As personalized marketing is essentially data-driven, merely having huge volumes of data won't help build good personalized strategies. Marketers need to analyze terabytes of data and associated behaviors to derive reliable insights. Also, as marketing budgets have been slashed due to the pandemic, there is no room for trial and error. Companies today need a robust platform that can analyze customer data and provide valuable insights to help them deliver the best possible personalized care and attention to customers.

Enter MoEngage.
“We specialize in empowering brands to deliver unique, relevant, and valuable multichannel experiences that wow their customers,” says Mike Barclay, GM/Head of Europe at MoEngage. “Since our inception we have been laser focused on helping brands understand their customers and retain them for longer by establishing effective engagements with them based on what they want to receive.” To do this, MoEngage offers a robust customer engagement platform that helps analyze customer behavior and derive meaningful insights and hyper-personalized content in the right format at the right time.

“Our all-inclusive solution offers powerful customer analytics, automated cross-channel engagement, and AI-driven personalization — all in one dashboard,” says Ehren Maedge, GM/Head of North America, at MoEngage. With its platform, the company provides all necessary data (even data from third parties) and tools for marketers in one place, helping marketers make intelligent marketing decisions quickly — instead of sifting through detail or switching between various siloed marketing tools.

MoEngage’s solution has exceptional analytical capabilities to render a holistic view of customer path, interactions, drop-offs, and even traffic sources and session details.
Ehren Maedge, GM/Head of North America

Clients can use these insights to augment their customer interactions and enhance retention rates.

MoEngage brings together native & ingested data into our CDP to create this unified customer profile — which can be made up of both online sources (such as CRM, BI, web) and offline sources (such as a call-center, POS). The solution facilitates seamless integrations with tools to enable marketers to better understand their customers in one place by providing visualization to their behavioral data.

Being able to help interact with customers via multiple channels, the company eliminates the need for the conventional, broadcast style of communication — such as one-size-fits-all/blast emails — and helps clients identify the best convenient channels for the customer. For instance, a brand having a product announcement usually sends notifications to all customers irrespective of their metrics. This message would be irrelevant for those who are not interested or already own the product, which could hamper customer experience.

MoEngage helps brands mitigate the challenge through its AI-based predictive segmentation, where customers are divided based on various parameters — be it their age, gender, customer behavior, buying trends, and even more. Brands can then send highly personalized offers, recommendations, alerts, and updates to each customer through the right channel that will make the maximum impact. Unlike its competitors, MoEngage has its own proprietary “best of breed AI engine — Sherpa — that automatically figures out the right message and the right time to send it to every customer. Sherpa handles campaign testing & optimization so that customers can confidently send the optimal message on the best channel at the right moment. With such a robust, tech-driven solution, the company helps brands onboard more customers, reduce friction at touchpoints, delight them from the very first interaction, and ensures higher retention rates and LTV.

MoEngage has comprehensive plans to expand its already significant footprint globally, especially in North America and Europe. The company is leveraging its experience gained by working with Unicorn digital-only clients in Asia to inform customer strategies and accelerate growth across a range of North America & Europe. On the technology side, MoEngage continues to extend the use of AI in its solutions. They are developing a predictive assistant that is designed to provide clients automated advice on the next best action for engaging with customers. “We are changing the dynamics of personalized marketing to empower brands to seamlessly connect with their customers at every relevant touchpoint and deliver value in the right way,” concludes Maedge.
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San Francisco, CA

Mike Barclay, GM/Head of Europe and Ehren Maedge, GM/Head of North America

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform, built for the customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale across multiple channels like mobile push, email, in-app, web push, on-site messages, and SMS. With AI-powered automation and optimization, brands can analyze audience behavior and engage consumers with personalized communication at every touchpoint across their lifecycle. More than 1,000+ brands across 35 countries use MoEngage to send 50 billion messages to 500 million consumers every month. With offices in nine countries, MoEngage is backed by marquee investors such as Eight Roads, F-Prime Capital, Matrix Partners, Helion Ventures, Exfinity Ventures, and Venture East. To learn more, visit

MoEngage News

MoEngage Research Reveals Global Consumers Want More Personalization from Brands

Survey of 1,000 Consumers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany Shows that Consumers are Willing to Share Their Data if Brands Provide Better Omnichannel Customer Experiences
MoEngage, the insights-led customer engagement platform, today revealed the results of a global survey focused on consumers' expectations of how brands should use data to improve the customer experience. The report, The Personalization Pulse Check Report 2021, polled 1,000 consumers across four of the top global markets--U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany--to learn more about what consumers want when engaging and receiving communications from brands. The results underscore the increasing role that personalization and omnichannel marketing will have in the post-COVID recovery period for brands to better engage customers and differentiate themselves against competitors.
The MoEngage survey indicates that overall, consumers have moved on from the question of brands collecting information about them, and instead are focused on when and how brands use this data to present offers that are consistent, relevant, and timely. In fact, nearly one-third (26%) of consumers across all four global markets indicated that they want companies to personalize their experiences based on previous purchase history data. Further, 21 percent of consumers indicated that they expected personalization based on known interests. Not only do consumers expect brands to know who they are and what they want to buy, but they also notice when brands fail to create a unified experience across channels.
• Twenty-seven percent of all respondents said that they are "most frustrated" when brands send inconsistent messaging on different channels, whereas another 27 percent of consumers indicated they are most frustrated by receiving irrelevant content or product messages.
• The majority of consumers prefer weekly communication from brands (37%) more than daily or monthly messages; however, 14 percent said that frequency doesn't matter as long as the information is relevant.
• Consumers chose email (33%) as their favorite communication channel, however, websites (18%), social media (14%) and mobile SMS/app channels (12%) are gaining traction. In fact, mobile apps were indicated to be the most frequently adopted new digital channel during COVID-19 to communicate with brands, according to the majority of respondents (21%).
"The results of this consumer survey are certainly eye-opening for marketers who have been struggling to create a consistent omnichannel experience for their customers," said RavitejaDodda, CEO of MoEngage. "The research confirms our belief that the average consumer is well aware that brands are collecting information about them. All they are asking for in return is a more personalized customer experience from brands, regardless of which medium is used to communicate with them. Now is the time for brands to deliver on that promise."
The MoEngage report also sheds light on:
• What kinds of personalized messages consumers prefer to receive from brands, on what channel, and how often
• A breakdown of consumer preferences by global region, showing some variables based on country
• Consumers' future expectations of customer engagement as the world moves into a post-pandemic recovery phase
• Consumers' indications of future shopping behaviors, including how many consumers have shifted from in-store to online shopping
• How global consumers intend to shop (online vs physical stores) in the future as the world moves into a post-pandemic recover phase