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Top 10 Personalization Solutions Companies - 2022

At its best, personalized messaging can cut through the noise by making an individual feel seen, heard and understood. From product recommendations to personalized offers, these interactions can provide real value by solving a problem, filling a need or providing enjoyment.

However, there’s a disconnect.

Advancements in technology allow marketers to collect more customer data than ever, which can translate to hyper-precise targeting. There's just one catch: You need the right tools and systems in place to effectively manage—and mine—a massive volume of data.

Unfortunately, customer data often comes from disconnected sources. The only way personalization can work is if there is a single, unified source of accurate customer information. Targeting based on incorrect information or assumptions can do more harm than good. At best, mistargeted communication will be ignored. At worst, it could cause a customer to turn away from a brand.

Creating a complete, accurate picture of any given customer is challenging. Practical personalization takes ongoing effort and continuous refinement. This involves both coordination and integration, along with the all-important human component. For personalization, understanding the customers is essential. And that requires you to have a unified view of the customer. With data coming from different disconnected channels, applications, and systems, it is quite a challenge to assemble a single source of truth.

Further, scalability is one of the biggest challenges in implementing organization-wide personalization strategy. Delivering one-to-one unique experience to each user means taking the time and effort to craft, assemble, and deliver the huge amounts of personalized content variations tailored for different individuals and user journeys. Also, as digital business becomes more and more sophisticated, the traffic is only going to increase calling for scalability. Marketers are using personalization to build brand, increase demand, and improve customer acquisition as well as to drive revenue through upsell, retention, and of course, turning customers into lifelong fans.

We present to you, “Top 10 Personalization Solutions Providers - 2022.”

    Top Personalization Solutions Companies

  • ActionIQ revolutionizes the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. We solve enterprise data challenges and empower companies to create superior customer experiences across all brand touchpoints. The ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub (CX Hub) is an extensible hub powered by a customer data platform (CDP) upon which an open ecosystem of packaged use-case-oriented applications built for business users to operationalize timely, consistent, and personalized customer experiences across every touchpoint.

  • Advanced Commerce brings GrapheneHC, a revolutionary new merchandising platform designed to provide retailers with all the tools they need to merchandise their online stores effectively

  • The company brings to the table a unique blend of strategic thinking, data analytics, creative services, process optimization, and production technologies to drive marketing excellence

  • Mediaclip is a white label developer of personalized product software solutions allowing clients to offer any personalized product on their website, including photo products, business products, and promotional items. Headquartered in Montreal, Mediaclip empowers printers, retailers, and content owners to boost sales and retain customers by delivering a memorable customer experience. The company provides an open-architecture Mediaclip Product Designer™ environment for brands to personalize products. Resourced with various powerful sets of tools, Mediaclip's solution features a simplistic user interface that delivers fast personalization.

  • At Mhetadata they bring out details about your data that can create actionable new ways to increase your response rates, lower your costs and get to know your clients on a deeper level. Mhetadata doesn't stop at the data; the company's teams create unique custom automation and data flows that eliminate the expense and time delays that often plague marketing. With its proprietary methods and technologies, the company can drive the clients' data with 'straight-to-press flows' to keep personalized marketing moving and the responses coming in hands-free.

  • RDA


    RDA partners with clients to drive their revenue by transforming marketing strategies into action. The company collaborates closely to understand business, ask the right questions, and design and implement functional, integrated technology solutions. They bring people, processes and ideas together so client can do more, achieve more, and become more successful. With the vision and purpose to help such enterprises, RDA provides DXP implementation, consultation, and managed services, as well.

  • CSG


    For more than 35 years, CSG has been a trusted partner to some of the most well-known brands, operating across more than 130 countries worldwide. CSG is a leading provider of revenue management and digital monetization, payments and customer engagement solutions that help our customers Improve customer engagement and reduce churn, Reduce operating expenses and run their businesses more efficiently, Quickly launch new digital services and enter new markets, and Compete and win in an ever-changing global marketplace.

  • MoEngage


    MoEngage helps you delight customers and retain them for longer. With MoEngage, you can analyze customer behavior and delight them with personalized communication at every touchpoint across their lifecycle. As the world’s most trusted customer engagement platform, their mission is to support digital engagement and growth for user-centric brands from e-commerce, retail, travel and hospitality, banking and financial services, media and entertainment, telecom, food delivery, and mobility verticals.

  • Omneky


    Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to personalize advertising creative across all digital channels. Their machine learning algorithms analyze what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and use these insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement. They help boost the ROI of your advertising with the certainty of data driven design and messaging.

  • Vesta


    At Vesta, they want to elevate modern marketing by reimagining the connections between businesses and their audiences to inspire innovation and create lasting success. Vesta offers a suite of marketing solutions powered by their intuitive SaaS platform including Vesta Communities - Their turnkey solution to build and scale fully branded online communities that enhance engagement, advocacy, and loyalty.