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Susan Dorfman, President, CMI MediaSusan Dorfman, President
We find ourselves in a highly competitive world where personalized user experience is more crucial than ever before. Today, end-users are demanding constant and fit-for-purpose interactions with brands to receive the best consumer experience throughout their engagement. The healthcare industry is no different. With the quest to stay ahead of the pack and attract and retain more patients, organizations always drive toward providing a personalized user experience most conveniently and seamlessly. However, with highly dynamic regulatory pathways impeding these companies from handling data, offering personalization in marketing is easier said than done. Established to assist healthcare and pharma companies to embrace personalized marketing strategies that help users find the right solutions and create brand awareness is CMI Media.

"We are a full-service media agency that specializes in strategic healthcare marketing to help brands unlatch new streams of revenue through personalization," says Susan Dorfman, President, CMI Media.

“We make data smarter and use it uniquely to add value to our clients’ marketing strategies,” says Justin Freid, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, CMI Media. Brands can redirect their marketing investments to the right channels, generate good product awareness, and outrun the competition by using the company’s robust marketing solution. “As a leader in health, wellness, and pharmaceutical marketing, we are responsible for the precision and the performance of the brands that we represent,” adds Freid.

Furthermore, CMI Media’s solution holds the ability to integrate marketing strategies for two major components in healthcare—medical professionals and consumers—which are generally treated as two siloed segments.

With such a powerful and unique value proposition, the company serves as an exceptional partner for several prominent customers in the U.S., helping them create reliable marketing plans and budgeting strategies for both audiences together.
Justin Freid, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer
In fact, having an integrated marketing model helps brands streamline their investments into the right channels, empowering them to enhance their ROI significantly.

In another instance, CMI Media leveraged its longstanding experience and expertise to create a powerful marketing model for a client by identifying their target list of doctors and patients. The company overlaid these two audiences and found patient hotspots where healthcare professionals are actively prescribing the client’s product. CMI Media then amplified bidding strategy across different digital channels to reach out to the target audience effectively. "In fact, the way we integrate marketing and deliver message across audiences brings in paradigm shift in the healthcare marketing landscape,” adds Freid.

We make data smarter and use it uniquely to add value to our clients’ marketing strategies

Such instances of success exemplify CMI Media’s value proposition and its dedication to add value to clients’ marketing operations. Along the same lines, the company’s team of experts is assessing the changes in the healthcare market driven by the pandemic to redefine its business model for mitigating the challenges in the “new normal.” CMI Media has developed a robust platform, Proactive Rep that helps medical representatives manage messaging and media investment for their target audiences. It adds value to brands’ marketing operations by delivering valuable insights to make decisions based on the inputs provided by sales reps with its powerful machine learning capabilities. “We are always proactive and ready to embrace new technologies and align well with the dynamic market conditions to help our clients achieve the best out of their marketing investments. Today, we are adopting a digital-first approach to enhance our capabilities, considering the lessons learned during the pandemic,” concludes Susan.
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CMI Media

Brussels, Belgium

Susan Dorfman, President and Justin Freid, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer

A full-service media agency exclusively devoted to strategic healthcare marketing that helps brands unlatch new streams of revenue with a personalized marketing approach